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FontSwap v2 with iOS 4 support now available on Cydia!

by on Mar.13, 2011, under iPhone

UPDATE: Now available on Cydia.
you can see the latest updates at

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FontSwap for iOS 4 coming soon

by on Jul.21, 2010, under iPhone


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Custom Keyboard Font on OS 3.0

by on Sep.08, 2009, under iPhone

so i just got a message on twitter from @mybelovedpiglet telling me about the font PhoneKeyCaps.ttf which is used to render the text on the keyboard. i wasn’t aware of this until now. this immensely simplifies customizing the keyboard font for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. earlier it used to involve creating and modifying loads of images used for the keyboard. and i also got numerous emails about my keyboard themes not working right with WinterBoard on 3.0. i think these problems can be fixed now.

this new discovery gives me reason to prepare and release the next version of FontSwap which will happen later this week.


please ignore the backspace button for now. i just had to try a quick port and test, so did not really care about it. custom font authors will need to take care of this as this font has different glyphs from the usual system font so just a font rename is not going to work.

cheers. 🙂

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FontSwap v1.4 now on Cydia

by on Jul.13, 2009, under iPhone

hey guys..
the next version on FontSwap is now available on Cydia. it fixes the application for iPhone OS 3.0
many thanks to BigBoss and Dustin Howett for their contribution towards this release. the update also contains a few minor changes, that increase it’s usability for iPod Touch users.

IMP: you may notice some customs fonts will be not show up right [there’s a slight shift in the vertical position], this is because the iPhone OS 3.0 fonts have different font metrics compared to iPhone 2.0 fonts and the fonts ported for 2.0 will not appear proper on 3.0, please contact the custom font authors for a fix of the custom fonts.

you can get many great fonts on the MacThemes forums, you can also request fonts you need over at that forum

have fun.. 🙂

NOTE: to fix vertical shift of *Default* fonts on iPhone 3.0 copy fonts from
/Applications/ to /System/Library/Fonts/Cache/

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iPhone 3.0 and FontSwap [fixed]

by on Jun.24, 2009, under iPhone

so most of you have upgraded to iPhone 3.0..
trouble is the newest release breaks the FontSwap app as the applications are not allowed to run as root anymore..
i haven’t figured out a solution to this problem as yet, i’m sure other devs are also trying to find a workaround to this problem..
the app will be updated as soon as a workaround around the restriction is discovered..

for the time being you may switch back to the earlier method of overwriting files in the system fonts folder

the problem with this approach is that it’s a bit complicated for new users and involves the problem of SWOD if font files are ported incorrectly..
so keep a backup and keep wifi and ssh on to restore stock fonts in case something goes bad.

you *will* not need to do a device restore if you keep wifi and ssh on, even if something goes wrong. so it’s always recommended to keep those things as always on, on jailbroken devices.

EDIT: Dustin Howett [author of the app CyDelete] has suggested a fix for FontSwap for 3.0 and i’m going to release an update soon..
thx Dustin.. 🙂

UPDATE: the fix has been released on Cydia. please update to FontSwap 1.4 🙂

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FontSwap 1.3 now on Cydia

by on May.05, 2009, under iPhone

hi guys.. been a really really long time since my last post, i’m sure many of you thought i’ve abandoned my blog, but i haven’t..
been busy with all sorts of things, last sememster at college being the primary reason for my inactivity..

i’m proud to present to you the latest version of FontSwap, version 1.3.

have incorporated most of the features i thought i would and then some, really glad about the way it has turned out. i hope you guys enjoy using it as much as i enjoyed creating it..

1. previews of fonts before install
2. checks metadata prior to installing font so you don’t have to worry about it.
3. checks font package format before install
4. fixes bug that caused crash when device was on wifi but had no internet connection
5. improved metadata detection

the previews are fetched from the fontswap webserver and i’ve tried to maintain as many font previews there as possible, will be adding more from time to time..

as mentioned in previous posts as well, this application doesn’t do anything that can leave your device unusable. there is *absolutely* no need to restore your device if something goes wrong during the use of this application.
to fix any error that you think has been caused by FontSwap, simply connect over SSH to your device and run the the command
without the quotes..
as long as you have SSH and WiFi set to always on (which is a smart thing to do on a jailbroken device) you can recover from most crashes whether or not they’re caused by FontSwap.


(continue reading…)

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by on Dec.04, 2008, under iPhone

I think I made a mistake by not researching for FontSwap too much..
apparantly an application with the same name and purpose used to exist for the 1.x firmware.. I’m surprised how I could’ve missed that.. it used to be a TouchRepo

it’s needless to say that this app is totally unrelated to the older one except for the functioning..

now.. for those of you who’re having issues with the default system font being a few pixels too high..
copy [do *not* move] Helvetica.ttf and HelveticaBold.ttf
/Applications/ to
/var/mobile/Library/FontSwap/Packages/System Fonts/Default.font/

and reapply the default system font using FontSwap..

for those of you who’re worrying about why the Phone app doesn’t launch after applying Dialer font.. I don’t know.. the font change does take place. the Phone app is terminated and started again but it starts in the background.. the selected font will be available next time you start the app from the springboard.. will look for a fix for this..

I’m just trying to stress that this is a beta release and many issues will be ironed out with an update as soon as I get time to work.

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FontSwap icon and Package details

by on Dec.04, 2008, under iPhone

here’s an icon for the FontSwap app, couldn’t do a proper icon in time for release but here it is now.. will be added with the next update for those who are okay with the current icon..

FontSwap Package format:
1. Package must be a folder with the name FontName.font
FontName is the custom font’s name that you’ve ported. .font at the end is essential.

2. Package must contain all fonts related to the category it belongs to.
Dialer Fonts: PhonepadTwo.ttf
LockClock Fonts: LockClock.ttf
Notes Fonts: MarkerFeltThin.ttf
System Fonts: Helvetica.ttf *and* HelveticaBold.ttf

3. Package must be placed in the correct folder in the packages directory
“/var/mobile/Library/FontSwap/Packages/Dialer Fonts”
“/var/mobile/Library/FontSwap/Packages/LockClock Fonts”
“/var/mobile/Library/FontSwap/Packages/Notes Fonts”
“/var/mobile/Library/FontSwap/Packages/System Fonts”

4. Fonts must be ported with correct metadata intact. Applying fonts with incorrect metadata will cause serious problems like app crashes or SWOD.
here’s how to port fonts
this issue will be resolved in future versions of FontSwap so that fonts with incorrect metadata will not be installed.

5. Package should contain an Info.plist file
this is not utilized in the beta release, but placing this file will help your package to be compatible with future releases of FontSwap

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
<string>Author Name</string>

<string>Custom Font Name</string>

<string>Category of Font</string>

<string>Brief Description</string>

<string>Author's Blog or Website</string>

6. Package should contain an image Preview.png with a preview of the custom font.
this too is not utilized in the beta release, but placing this file will help your package to be compatible with future releases of FontSwap.
Image dimensions must be 36px by 260px. It must show the Custom Font name in the font itself. Text size must be 24px. Text color must be black [#000000].

I know these are some strict rules but they will ensure that packages are uniform in appearance and easy on the eyes of the end-users.

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FontSwap now on Cydia

by on Dec.04, 2008, under iPhone

FontSwap 1.0b was made available on Cydia earlier today. you’re all welcome to test the software and report bugs or feature requests if any..
the application is accompanied by a starter font pack that is a dependency and should install on it’s own..

i’ve tried installing the app myself and it works alright.. those of you who had problems, please try to reinstall it..

please put all criticism and suggestions in the comments..
you may also consider donating if you find this application useful.. 🙂

read this tutorial

FontSwap icon and Package details

this application *does not* cause endless reboots. if you think you’re iPhone is rebooting endlessly, it’s most definitely having a SWOD [spinning wheel of death].
if that happens or if your springboard crashes or if applications fail to start then you must restore to iPhone’s stock fonts before trying to restoring the iPhone itself [which will not be required in any case].
for this you must be able to login into the device over SSH. you may not see the SpringBoard, just the endlessly spinning wheel or the boot logo, but if you left WiFi and SSH on, you’re not in trouble and can still connect to the device.

to restore default fonts you need to run this command as root from a terminal over SSH


PS: if you got the “unmet dependencies” error.. try reinstalling now. i couldn’t see the “FontSwap Starter” package in the available list but it installs along with the app. it’s basically a pack of all the custom fonts i’ve released on this blog to get you started with the app.. more packages can be added to the app and i’ll detail the expected package format shortly. as i haven’t built any security checks in the app yet [for absolute lack of time] i suggest you carry on with the started pack or only add fonts that you trust.

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iPhone 2.2

by on Dec.01, 2008, under iPhone

I finally found the time to update my iPhone to the latest fw.. i haven’t yet been able to explore the new features but the device sure runs a lot quicker, though i’m sure that’s because all the apps have been wiped out.. man my iPhone got really slow as i had loads of apps installed, largest being the toolchain and all dev tools.. will try and keep the app count low this time..

as reported by many users the Neo Dialer theme was broken by the upgrade to 2.2
the fix has been sent to Allen of Planet-iPhones and should appear on Cydia soon.
for those who can’t wait..
1. navigate to /Library/Themes/Neo Dialer.theme/Folders/
2. remove all files EXCEPT
3. Respring

this was suggested by suifon in the shoutbox so thanks go out to him/her. 🙂

FontSwap is also coming.. soon.. 🙂

EDIT: whoa.. looks like that didn’t quite fix the problem.. plus it made the theme look bad if you had any other theme on that played with the stock dialer.. two different themes changing few parts made it look bad.. so i fixed it for other images as well..
the update should come up in Cydia shortly..

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